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Guides Based on Lawyers after Car Accidents:


Accidents happen all the time with reckless driving, especially in towns and cities. What would you do if you happen to encounter a car accident? There are some essential steps that you should take after a car accident. As such, we would like to provide some guidance on what you should do after a car accident, based on the perspective of a lawyer. Besides, following these steps for any kinds of accidents will keep you on the safe side.

Guides to Do after Car Accidents:

Here are some guides that you should consider during car accidents:

  • Remain at the Accident Spot:

You should never go away from the accident spot even if others ask you to do it unless the police arrive. However, you can move to another spot if the accident spot is not a safe place, but you must not leave the accident scene.

  • Secure the Spot:

The next step is to secure it from causing further accidents. You can achieve it by either switching the flasher or the flashlight on when waiting at the accident spot.

  • Dial for the Police:

You must call the police instantly after the accident. The objective is to file a report to the police about physical injuries or damages. Further, you will need a report from the police to claim your insurance.

  • Click Pictures:

As far as possible, take pictures relating to losses on the property of all parties involved. But you must not upload or share on any social media.

  • Exchange Information:

In case the police could not attend your call, then you should exchange information with all group involved in the accident. It can include names, numbers of contact and license, and addresses, among others.

  • Stick to Facts:

You should never hold an assumption or liability about the accident. Instead, you should present only facts.

  • Obtain Medical Treatment:

Typically, car accident injuries are not evident at the time of occurrence. Hence, you should obtain medical treatment even if you do not have visible injuries.

  • Hire a Lawyer:

A car accident lawyer Bakersfield can help you when presenting the evidence, thereby protecting your rights.